Nick Thomas


Certified Financial Planner® or CFP® Practitioner

Nick started in the financial planning industry in 2007. His previous role involved servicing high net worth clients in a boutique advisory firm. He’s committed to building meaningful relationships with clients as he helps them to achieve their long term financial goals.

He is a Certified Financial Planner® or CFP® Practitioner, has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, Financial Planning and Sports Management) and is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited.

Nick is authorised to provide advice on managed investments, superannuation, personal insurance, securities, margin lending and self managed superannuation to establish a SMSF, investment advice and limited recourse borrowing arrangement strategic advice.

The following products can be offered by Nick: managed investments, superannuation, deposit taking facilities, margin lending facilities, personal insurance (e.g. life insurance), portfolio administration services, retirement savings accounts, securities, structured products, government debentures, stocks and bonds.

In five years from now Nick believes First Financial will be the leading boutique financial services firm. He knows that technology has increased the amount of market ‘noise’ that clients have to contend with. He sees his job as a Financial Advisor is to highlight the relevant information for his clients. When scanning The Age and the AFR Nick focuses on strategy rather what’s the latest ‘hot stock’.

Able to provide access to the following Financial Services through First Financial:

Financial planning advice | Wealth accumulation advice | Superannuation advice, including Self Managed Superannuation Funds | Redundancy advice | Retirement advice | Gearing strategies | Cash flow advice | Social security benefits advice | Centrelink | Life and disability insurance advice | Estate planning services (financial planning)

Authorised to provide advice on the following services:

Managed investments | Superannuation | Personal insurance | Securities | Margin lending | Self Managed Superannuation

Authorised to offer the following products:

Managed investments | Superannuation | Deposit taking facilities | Margin lending facilities | Personal insurance (e.g. life insurance) | Portfolio administration services | Retirement savings accounts | Securities | Structured products | Government debentures, stocks and bonds

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