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Investment Management

With thousands of investment options how do you make the leap from just...

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Superannuation & SMSF advice

Superannuation is the user-pays philosophy of funding your own retirement. Unfortunately, and despite...

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Tax Effective Strategies

Would you like to be more tax effective with your income? Would you...

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Lending and Finance

There are a myriad of loans available to prospective borrowers and our job...

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Risk & Insurance

Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones in the case of uncertainty can be difficult. We can give you a better understanding of personal insurances and how much you need to keep you and your family's lifestyle and future financially secure.

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Aged Care Advisory Service

As we age, our living arrangements may need to change and sometimes quickly. Planning for aged care for yourself or a loved one can be a very stressful time.

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One Hour Initial Consultation

At First Financial we can offer you an introductory hour, at no charge to discuss your financial goals and requirements.
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First Financial

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Reg & Glenda

Reg and Glenda first came to see David Jackson in October 2007 and have been...
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Read about what we're doing, and learn expert analysis on what's happening within the market.

Protecting Yourself from Scams

We have had a number of clients receive phone calls from people purporting to be from the ATO and Centrelink. They have been asking for personal details such as date of birth, Tax File Numbers, Bank account numbers, etc., in order to either steal their money or steal their identity. This note gives you a […]

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Four Corners – Retirement Villages and Residential Aged Care

On Monday night, Four Corners ran an exposé regarding a major Retirement Village operator in Australia. As background for those who haven’t seen the program, there was concern about the level of fees being charged to the residents of the Retirement Village, in particular when someone leaves the Village & sells their unit – often […]

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Helping you navigate this year’s Federal Budget

On Tuesday 9 May, the Federal Government handed down its Budget for the 2017–18 financial year. According to Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, this year’s Budget is founded on the principles of fairness, security and opportunity. Mr Morrison claims that the government’s proposed measures will raise almost $21 billion in revenue over the next four years, […]

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Dollar Cost Averaging – Minimising the Risk of Investing

As discussed in our last article, “Time in the Market” (February 2017), predicting the market is extremely difficult. Whilst we would all like to invest at the bottom of the market and sell at the top, the reality is that this is impossible to do.  An alternative is to use an investment approach called Dollar […]

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