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Investment Management

With thousands of investment options how do you make the leap from just...

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Superannuation & SMSF advice

Superannuation is the user-pays philosophy of funding your own retirement. Unfortunately, and despite...

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Tax Effective Strategies

Would you like to be more tax effective with your income? Would you...

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Lending and Finance

There are a myriad of loans available to prospective borrowers and our job...

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Laurie and his wife Jackie have been clients of First Financial for over 10 years....
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Reg & Glenda

Reg and Glenda first came to see David Jackson in October 2007 and have been...
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Investment Solutions – Spring 2016

In this spring edition of Investment Solutions magazine, we consider the benefits of estate planning through an SMSF. Tim Rocks, Head of Market Research and Strategy, BT Investment Solutions looks at what could happen to markets should Donald Trump win the race to the White House. BT Financial Group Investment Specialist, Riccardo Briganti, provides an […]

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Hybrid Securities

Looking for a high-yielding, defensive investment in our volatile market is getting harder and harder. Term Deposit Rates and Government Bond Yields have fallen dramatically on the back of the RBA’s efforts to stimulate the Australian economy. An alternative to Term Deposits that we have been using for many of our clients over the last […]

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Federal Budget – Super Opportunities

On Tuesday 3rd of May the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, released the Government’s 2016 Budget – an economic plan for Australia’s transition from a mining boom to a more diverse economy. The budget contained a number of significant changes to the superannuation system, including retirement income streams and other tax changes. These measures are still proposals […]

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The Hidden Benefit of Dividends

Australians love their dividend paying stocks.  They pay a regular, tax effective income that provides cash flow for many of us.  But is our love affair with these fully franked dividends detrimental to our market performance? Some time ago in Australia, the Hawke government made the decision to abolish the double tax hit on dividends […]

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